Spring has Sprung!

The calendar says, “Spring Has Sprung,” but winter may be a little slow getting the message. Nature, on the other hand, is awakening to the prospect of April Showers and May Flowers. We’ve all been wishing to be able to move on from Covid-19, while still recognizing the potential for future surges and new variances. We hope, however, to make it more predictable and more manageable. Spring gives us pause to hope and dream.


Leo Tolstoy opined: “Spring is the time for plans and projects.” Indeed, it can point the way to new beginnings and fresh starts. Spring holidays make it a festive time of the year. Although they’ve come a little late, this year’s holidays, offer a harvest of things to eat, places to see, families to visit – a bright start to the spring season.

An array of delicious and colorful fruits is ready to entice the senses. Iced and frozen desserts become more seasonally appropriate. Birds are returning and as melodic as ever, from their winter migration. As we welcome all of the above, we are reminded how beautiful a change Spring can herald for the coming months. Christopher Morley may have said it best: “April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks, Go.”

Spring can be a new awakening to the health and wellness you’ve been seeking that were put on hold. The winter months may have been a kind of hibernation – working from home, spending a lot of time indoors, restricting outdoor activities, while accepting a “status quo” attitude. Now is the time to redeem your rewards for all your efforts and patience during the last two years.


A study at UCI recently, found that knowledge and wisdom were associated with greater well-being and resilience, as well as lower levels of depression and loneliness. Knowing that you can benefit from some support is one thing, where to get it is another thing.

It is possible to feel vibrant and be active at any age. Graennlab.Life can start the process by restoring an energy-rich lifestyle, so you can approach life with more ease and confidence. You have health and wellness goals. We have learning programs to help you achieve them. Our PEAK Health Program emphasizes three key pillars: Movement, Mindset, and Nutrition. You will learn how to pay attention to the kind of food you eat, how much you are moving, your quality of sleep, and your ability to cope with constant mental chatter that may be bogging you down. These are some of the cornerstones of wellness.

Our experienced coaches will come to your home or business, or provide online options. We offer programs for individuals, groups and teams. Our expertise, our commitment, equal your solutions. We can get there together. Let this be your moment.


Did you know that living longer is the new normal? The goal here is to not only survive, but to thrive. Graennlab.Life is here to accompany you every step of the way. What can we offer you?

Together, we can

1- Bring innovation and potential to your life

2- Build a bridge to new possibilities

3- Offer you support so you can better manage your health challenges

4- When you connect with Graennlab.Life, you make things better for yourself, your family, and your community

Healthy, Educated, and Safe are our common goals. Learn more at Graennlab.Life.


Where do you start? Begin by eating more nutrient dense foods as part of your diet. Snacking on nuts, cooking with olive oil, and adding brightly colored vegetables can boost your intake of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Eating healthy means limiting consumption of processed foods and deli meats. Too many sugary foods and beverages may be linked to obesity and insulin resistance, both major health concerns. Note! An occasional sweet treat will not be a dealbreaker.


Physicians have said that our wide-spread home confinement these last couple of years has made us more sedentary and less healthy. The importance of exercise becomes apparent. Movement on a regular basis is critical for longevity and better aging, as well as staving off the risk of major illnesses. Even small movements are beneficial. Simply standing, stretching, walking – all play a part in our overall health. Tapping or fidgeting with your feet, pedaling under your desk with a pedal exerciser, getting up after sitting for an hour straight, can have positive, dramatic effects on fitness. Moving is known to stimulate brain activity. A brisk 10 minute walk can help increase the quality and duration of nighttime sleep.


Until recently, scientists did not understand the powerful connection between the mind and the body, for better or for worse. The Mind-Body connection describes how our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors influence health and longevity. Making healthy life-style choices is an important part of maintaining the balance between mind and body. It is as much as mental struggle as it is a physical process. Very often, a combination of meditation and deep breathing can provide the means to reframe your thinking and help you stay calm. This year in particular, Americans will likely embrace a fresh sense of cautious optimism as they move forward. There is much to focus on – politically, the economy, inflation, the next round of Covid 19 and of course, emerging global struggles.


Are you ready to celebrate spring? Here are a few ways to start:

1- Go berry picking

2- Feed the ducks

3- Hike a new trail

4- Have a picnic in the park

5- Take a tandem bike ride for two

6- Walk barefoot in the grass

7- How about that perennial Spring Cleaning?

8- With Spring Training just around the corner, focus your sights on the coming Baseball Season

9- Make a “Dandelion Wish.” (What? Never Heard of It.) It’s said that as the dandelions bloom and then fly away in puffballs, you should blow on them. Then make a wish. Your wish should come true. (It’s worth a try, I guess.)


– Be active

– Nourish your body

– Smile!

– Think kind thoughts

– Express gratitude

– Spring is in the air – look for it everywhere!

Wishing you bright and sunny days ahead!

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