Say “Yes” to New Beginnings

Where did 2021 go? To be quite honest, we’re not too unhappy to see it go. It was a year fraught with inconsistencies, mixed messages and daily uncertainties. Queen Elizabeth described it as “annus horribilus”. You really don’t need someone to translate this phrase for you. On the other hand, what is always so special about January, besides that it starts off every New Year, is that it can get us revved up for a new start and new beginnings.

February may be even better than January. It can help us understand why many of our New Year’s Resolutions are already broken. Not to worry! Know that if you slip up, you can still open the book of opportunity, make a few detours and move forward in the coming months.

Although the threat of Covid-19-related illness persists, we are doing our level best to manage daily life events. We have seen the price of staples like fresh produce, eggs, coffee, paper goods – even pet food – skyrocket since the closing days of 2021. Energy costs have likewise risen, coupled with shortages and food chain delays. Unfortunately, the higher cost of goods is being passed on to the consumer. There appears to be little optimism for the return to a more stable economy.

Recovery and Renewal

At Graennlab Life, our purpose is to design a program to achieve your optimum wellness. We are a significant resource to finding feel-good activities to combat distressing emotions and personal setbacks, possibly resulting from too much time indoors. Our PEAKHealth Program focuses on three pillars – Movement, Mindset and Nutrition. Our experienced trainers and coaches will find solutions that are challenging and pleasurable and meet your individual needs. Let us introduce you to more nutritional eating habits and ways to improve your vitality, strength and fitness – all geared to living longer and healthier. We will help you manage and maintain the gains you have achieved. We will lift up your spirits and self-image so you can flourish.

Through the years we have come to accept that there is no Fountain of Youth, and a pill to turn back the clock is unlikely. Technology will undoubtedly contribute to our living better, longer. None of this, however, negates our own personal role in building on the readily accessible information we have, to boost our own happiness and wellbeing.

PEAK Points

We need to set specific small-step goals in the coming weeks.

  1. Start by embracing healthy-eating habits, including weight-loss goals if needed.

  2. Understand that gaining strength and fitness require patience and time.

  3. Realize that feeling good is the ultimate goal for overall mental well-being.

  4. It’s never too late to start.

There is a dialogue in the film “It’s a Wonderful Life,” that comes to mind. “He looks lost. Is he sick?” “No,” comes the answer. “It’s worse than that. He’s discouraged.” Research shows that we experience a wide range of emotions. It’s really not essential to our nature to be discouraged. Times change but not our standards. Nothing worth doing is easy. That’s what makes it more challenging. History teaches us that people can really demonstrate resilience, even after a period of stress or trauma.

In this month of February, we should look forward to mood-boosted encouragement from the calendar, namely February 14th, Valentine’s Day. The opportunity presents itself for sending and receiving messages and gifts of love, affection and friendship – for partners, family and friends. This year let’s be a little more creative and pleasurable.

Here are a few thoughtful gift suggestions:

  1. It is the perfect opportunity for a stay-in-date. Celebrate at home with a healthy, appetizing dinner. Make your table replete with festive decorations – napkins, placemats and candles. Set a special mood apropos of the occasion. Don’t forget the long-stemmed wine glasses and floral arrangement.

  2. For the Workaholic – a healthy snack box of nuts and dried fruit would be appropriate.

  3. For the Tea Lover – an assortment of teas, including loose leaf teas would be a welcomed treat.

  4. For the Health-Conscious Individual – you can gift them with fitness-inspired products such as a yoga mat, a fitness tracker, home gym equipment, even active wear clothes. You can also gift them with health-for-the-holiday with Graennlab Life’s PEAKHealth Program.

  5. Fragrances, from fruity to floral, are high on the list of Valentine gifts for all. They elicit confidence and evoke calming emotions in the wearer as well as make the gifter smile in return.

  6. Gifting on Valentine’s Day predictably includes a box of chocolates, dark chocolates, we hope or a dozen long-stemmed red roses.

  7. The perennial overture of a bottle of wine, preferably red, is always appreciated for its taste as well as to reap its many health benefits. (Not to be over-consumed, of course.)

  8. Start journaling together. This is where you start writing about what is on your mind – the good, the bad, the ugly. This serves to release disturbing emotional experiences to help you both connect to a better uplifting moment.

Additional Ideas to Consider

  1. Personalized mugs

  2. An aroma therapy shoulder wrap

  3. Essential oil blends with lavender or chamomile

  4. A day at the Spa

  5. An afternoon picnic in the park

  6. An outdoor brunch at a favorite restaurant

Just being outdoors is a welcome gift. On a personal note, regardless of however you chose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, bring along a single long-stemmed red rose.

More Resolve, Less Stressing

To that end, may we suggest that we not dwell on regrets, nor past mistakes. Notable personalities such as Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Ella Fitzgerald and more recently Eminem have espoused the virtue of “No Regrets.” Especially now, when our lives are being more compromised than ever, we need to find ways to move forward by recognizing regrets, not as failures but as lessons learned.

Recovery and renewal are personal decisions. We can help clear the path to a life well-lived if we learn to “Crave Less, Move More, Thus Age Slower.” If you are tired of waiting for the new normal, take control and make it happen yourself.

On lighter note – we hope the gifts you give or receive on Valentine’s Day continue to bring you pleasure in the days to come.

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