A Fallen Leaf

If I were to say: “crisp air, cozy sweaters, falling leaves, warm drinks,” which season would come to mind? Sounds like autumn to me. Even as we close-out summer, and the heat seems reluctant to leave gracefully, cooler energy is on the horizon. Autumn is the season for turning leaves, cooling temperatures, and darkening nights. Days grow shorter, nights grow longer, and less time is spent outdoors. It’s a wonderful time to step up to the chance for new beginnings. To quote F. Scott Fitzgerald, “Life starts all over again in the Fall.”

The Transition to Autumn

As one season slowly morphs into another, a lot of stressful themes are projected in our minds – the seasons of life, future goals, and balancing work and family responsibilities, to name a few. We look forward to setting new routines in the coming weeks. Organization is an important key to a productive routine. Having a plan, can add structure to your day. Autumn is the season of transition that bridges the gap between the warm sunshine of summer and the first bite of winter. What can Autumn teach us?

1 – Go with the Flow

There comes a time in life when we must release those things that no longer serve us well. Life can be easier when we divest ourselves of certain habits and mind-sets that keep us stuck in a revolving door situation. It’s important to learn to tame your stress levels so your responses become calm and more relaxed.

2 – Surrender to Change

Nature, rather than shunning changes, teaches us how to achieve the transition smoothly. Change is a process. Don’t fear or avoid it. A period of transition serves to help reach the time when you can spring back to life and bloom again. When you are experiencing chaos, sorrow, or loneliness, remember that these uncertainties do not stay forever. We experience highs and lows, and difficult times provide us with future insight to achieve success.

3 – Use Your Senses to Experience Autumn

Take time out to delight in the colorful beauty of the season. When driving with your family for a day of fun and leisure activities, take the scenic, usually longer route. Approach things a little slower. Notice the details: the color of the sky, the falling leaves, the cooling breezes. Listen to the chirping of the birds. Be more mindful of the changes taking place in the world around you. Psychologists agree that walking or even sitting in a nature setting, can have positive, supportive effects on your health and self-esteem.

4 – Connect with Someone

The autumn season can be your wake-up call to better health and well-being. It’s a journey you can take, made easier, and more enjoyable, connecting with Graennlab.Life. They provide team-based groups and individual training with coaches experienced in a variety of entities to position you to achieve your personal wellness goals. Often, when you set extreme goals for yourself, you are likely to feel defeated if you “mess up.” Graennlab.Life allows you to stay consistent and enjoy the journey. Our approach is more attainable and leads to more long-term consistency.

Our PEAK Health Program centers around three key pillars:

  1. Movement

  1. Mindset

  1. Nutrition

The PEAK Health Program favors a team approach which creates an environment conducive to your comfort and success. If you prefer, you can choose our 1-on-1 program, or mobile or hybrid online options as well.

Our friendly, flexible sessions allow you to:

  1. Adjust your plans when you need something different than your coach may provide.

  1. Keep the wellness program when you’re not in session.

If you are seriously looking for a roadmap to a healthier future, Graennlab Life can help you harvest the benefits of the fall season.

New Season – New Approaches

When you contact and connect with Graennlab Life, you will be starting a journey with us, and “together” is where you’ll want to be. You can be the person to start the change. As you begin to set new routines for the coming months, consider your responsibilities – hectic work or school schedules, packed weekends, and a lingering pandemic. Your list should also include healthy activities and wellness goals, or perhaps even establishing a new hobby.

“Let’s Get Physical”

  1. Health and Nutrition

  1. Autumn presents with a rainbow of seasonal fruits and vegetables available at local Farmers’ Markets.

  1. Explore new recipes that involve the whole family in the preparation of a meal.

  1. Prepare healthy snacks for school and work.

  1. Remember to hydrate well, even in cooler weather.

  1. Get Moving

  1. Daily exercise and movement are imperative for physical and emotional well-being.

  1. Stretching loosens and lengthens your muscles.

  1. By choosing activities you enjoy, you will keep doing them.

  1. Mind and Spirit

The practice of Meditation or Mindfulness can help you be in the present moment. Turn your attention to your breathing and to your bodily sensations. These are basic coping mechanisms that counteract the overthinking and worrying you do that tend to put you out of balance. Focusing on one thought can help you work through distressing emotions in a calmer, more accepting, non-judgmental manner.

The Takeaway

It is admittedly difficult to follow the ebb and flow of the “health guidance” we are often subjected to, through the media and, on occasion, from the medical profession (often through no fault of their own). The result can be confusion on the part of the patient. The most damaging result can be to discourage compliance on the part of the patient. Although new research can sway professional protocol and medical advice, it is important to understand that your benefits and your risks depend on your own personal health. The decisive recommendations should be arrived at, in concert between you and your primary or family physician. With the focus on good communication and individualized treatment, you can then feel confident that you are on track to healthier, happier living.

Health Habits Help Prevent Illness

Most of us look to create lasting changes in order to prevent disease and live more productive, satisfying lives. The American Heart Association (AHA) has long been an active and trusted resource, encouraging healthy habits and behaviors. The AHA recently expanded its original focus on cardiovascular disease by identifying eight essential risk factors it believes are modifiable through lifestyle changes.

“Life’s Essential Eight” are:

  1. Stop smoking

  1. Eat better

  1. Get active

  1. Lose weight

  1. Manage blood pressure

  1. Control cholesterol

  1. Reduce blood sugar

  1. Sleep well

It behooves us all to periodically assess these guidelines. They can serve to measure and monitor our own individual health and target those areas in need of positive change. If you are unsure how to safely implement some of these essentials, consult your primary medical provider to address concerns about medications, treatment plans, or other health issues.

Prevention and Wellness

There has been some difference of opinion as to the need for the annual physical examination. Medical providers understand, and patients should as well, that an important benefit of the exam is that it provides a baseline for possible future disease onset. The examination usually addresses prevention and screening, to identify possible health issues before they worsen. Forging a good relationship with your doctor provides the chance to bring up questions about your health concerns or get your provider’s opinion on something you may have casually read, be it mental health problems or physical fitness issues. You will be provided with counseling for your complaints or risk factors. If a problem does present itself, early intervention can lead to a better outcome. Write down and ask targeted questions. Bring a list of your medications and any health data that may have changed since your last visit.

Learn all you can about your health situation. You don’t want to unwittingly contribute to your own demise. As an added benefit, you will be contributing to lower future health costs while helping your doctor help you.

Remember, wellness is a lifelong journey. You may not always be in the driver’s seat, but even as a passenger, you can navigate your way from where you are to where you want to go.

To Everything There is a Season

The arrival of a new season – Autumn – heralds new sounds and sights as a reminder of the many enjoyable delights that await us: the harvest moon, pumpkins, football and baseball games, colorful wildflowers, and cooler weather. It is a given, of course, that we enjoy fall food and warm beverages.

  1. Is that pumpkin spice I smell, or is it cinnamon, or ginger, or perhaps nutmeg?

  1. Who is ready to put on a light jacket and embrace the outdoors with an early morning hike?

  1. How about a stop at a local Farmers’ Market for some season fruits and vegetables?

  1. Are you up for a visit to a nearby Arts and Crafts Fair to discover some unexpected home-made treasures?

As you look forward to celebrating the coming holidays be thankful and grateful for all the bounties of the season, for memories, and for the opportunity to create new ones. Welcome this season of transition by taking positive steps to choose and maintain a healthier, happier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Autumn? Bring it on!

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