Healthy, Happy, Safe – Let’s Get There in 2022

We’ve all heard the phrase, “The Calm Before the Storm.” As we transition into 2022, we were hoping that there would be more calm than storm, namely The Covid-19 Storm. While the pandemic continues to stretch on, our ability to weather the storm is being challenged. What to wear? Where to go? Pandemic stress is clouding our daily decisions. Are human beings built to withstand the unprecedented pressures of the past year? Psychiatrist Dr. Dennis Charney at Mount Sinai in New York City believes we are, by virtue of our innate resilience.

Enter New Year’s Resolutions

They’ve always been there – New Year’s resolutions, I mean. After this year, 2021, you may need some resetting of your habits and behaviors. You’ve gained some weight; you have a few regrets, but you’re determined to demonstrate personal resilience. We know that longevity is based in part on the ability of our organs to intercept the loss of resilience, which is the root cause of aging. You can start moving forward by grabbing hold of the 3 C’s in life: choices, chances, changes. Ask yourself: “What did I learn through the tough times of 2021? Knowing that you found solutions can reassure you that you can make some of your resolutions a reality. Remember! Ideas without actions aren’t really ideas. They’re just regrets.

Say “Yes” to New Beginnings

As the physical world integrates with the digital world at an accelerated pace – loosely defined as focused reality – we must not lose sight of our basic needs. It’s in our nature to care, to delight, and to achieve. Life tends to throw us “curve balls” from time to time. While daily routines can be beneficial, we may be better off just letting some things go. “What-Ifs” can add excitement and joy to our lives. As with all New Year’s Resolutions, some will come and some will go. Shift your focus from failed or unneeded aspects of your life to an appreciation of yourself and the life that will make you healthy and happy. A sense of satisfaction increases energy, lowers anxiety, and can reduce family and relationship tensions. The enchantment of winter is that we may go to bed knowing one world, and wake up with one that’s entirely different. This strikes me as a good reason to begin doing what we really want to do. We may really only have this moment.

Success is Not a Solo Venture

Most of us understand that our health is our greatest asset, but difficult to achieve on our own. Enough with the moaning and groaning! When the potential for future success is uncertain, we can either adopt a “laissez-faire” attitude or take action by partnering with experienced professionals who can put us on the right track.

What are your personal goals? Do you want to lose some weight? Do you want to get more physically fit? Do you want to make healthier choices at the grocery store? Do you want to be more mentally relaxed, perhaps learn to meditate?

Graennlab.Life was created for real people who want real results. Our PEAKHealth Program features in-person and virtual wellness training, one-on-one or in teams. The program is framed around 3 key pillars: Movement, Mindset and Nutrition. By focusing on each individual, Graennlab.Life makes you feel valued and supported. You can kickstart your potentially healthy, satisfying self by energizing your life with some of these tips:

1. Put your focus on nutrition-heavy foods, such as fruits and vegetables

2. Pour yourself a tall glass of water, especially when feeling energy-depleted

3. Move and Groove – “Movement is the elixir of Life,” as per Dr. William B. Greenough, esteemed physician at Johns Hopkins

4. Don’t forget the ZZZs – Good quality sleep is needed for your body to repair and restore itself

5. And Breathe – slowly and deeply…and bring your attention to the moment

Hope Marches On

Graennlab.Life is at the heart of wellness progress. We provide convenient and connected care through education, team participation, personal accountability, and above all, enjoyment. The journey toward better health is just as important as the goal itself. The disruption of our lives due to the pandemic has resulted in a negative perspective as to what we can accomplish in the immediate future. Our New Year’s resolutions for 2022 should reflect our determination to find new opportunities for growth and balance in our lives. Be patient with yourself. Don’t stop or revamp your approach prematurely when you don’t see early evidence of progress. Big gains are usually the result of small steps over time. Tell yourself, with a hopeful smile, “I’m doing the best I can, and I feel good about myself.” This can help you keep going and stay positive about your chances of success.

Although uncertainty will continue to linger a while, in the world and in our lives, I hope the joy and wellness benefits of a calmer, less stormy insightful life awaits you in the New Year 2022.

Let’s raise our glass to the promise of tomorrow. HERE’S TO YOU!

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