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Let’s Talk About Community-Building

At Graennlab Project Management, we already knew we could harness the power of great individuals to strengthen teams and provide awesome results. We saw great results working in offices, bringing teams together to build better relationships between teams and technology.

We wanted to do more, to reach teams on a more personal level to promote wellness in the workplace, to move beyond the technology people work with. If your team doesn’t work well together, your business doesn’t work. We decided approaching people head-on could provide benefits beyond what we saw at the team level—and help people find balance and peace in their lives in- and outside of work.

We know the team approach works–it’s why community-building is the foundation on which we build our services.

What makes Graennlab Life special?

Anyone can join a gym and find a treadmill or an elliptical and get to working out. Graennlab Life

When Sam joined the team, his experience as a personal trainer help us shift to focusing on every individual’s unique health goals. Through his eleven years of personal training experience, and Graennlab’s years of embedded team-building success, Graennlab Life was born.

We wanted something that wasn’t the same as the “run of the mill” wellness programs that already exist. For many people, and many teams and communities, they just don’t work. They’re too generic; “one-size-fits-all” programs that expect every person begins the program with the same obstacles at the same starting line.

We knew we needed to be unique, and more effective, to set ourselves apart. We know everyone has challenges that make their wellness journeys different from another person’s. What makes Graennlab Life different is we don’t just account for that in our programs—we embrace that and use that to make our programs more powerful for everyone.

Our coaches’ combined experience and expertise have built a wellness program unlike any other. With our community-based wellness approach, and our three-pillar system, you and your group couldn’t be in better company to start your wellness journey.

Sam Lilja

Sam’s 12 years of personal training experience has shown him the gaps in traditional wellness programs and how to identify those gaps in his clients’ previous programs. His friendly, optimistic approach comes from the “personal” aspect of “personal training”–recognizing the differences in individuals and meeting them at their level to help them meet their goals, and become the coach his clients need him to be.

By combining our three pillars, Sam has helped build a wellness program that is fun, non-judgmental, and optimized for the unique individuals engaging with the team-based program.

Sam has specialized in weight loss, muscle building, lifestyle coaching, body composition transformation, mindset coaching, diet and nutrition programming, youth fitness, senior citizen fitness, corrective exercise, and is a licensed Silver Sneakers instructor.

Dr. Justin Lee

Justin’s path to wellness began while playing college hockey. Though it started in order to maximize his potential and performance, it only took off once he began studying chiropractic care. As his passion grew, so did his knowledge of health and wellness.

Today’s world offers many obstacles to achieving your wellness goals, and Justin has built and gather tools to develop materials that help people meet and maintain their wellness goals.

Stefan Kristensen

Stefan Kristensen lost 200 pounds and transformed his life from being a diabetic, medication-hostage, and bench-warmer to being one of its active participants. He is dedicated to helping others retain or reclaim their ability to enjoy life by sharing his own journey and helping others on theirs. He is enthusiastically exploring his new abilities and enjoys long-distance/cross- country motorcycle rides, martial arts, and exercise.

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